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"I am a maximalist person who always brings out the best in myself."

I am Brigitta Balogh and I have been dealing with interior architecture, 3D visual design, landscaping, construction and interior for almost fifteen years.
My team and I have achieved outstanding results in Budapest and its catchment area and we are expanding all over the country and beyond the borders.

I am a skilled problem solver and space planner and specialise in creating luxury designs that flow effortlessly across a property, both operationally and from a guest experience.
Throughout the years I gained a breadth of experience resulting in the completion of many high-quality projects over a wide range of sectors.

I am a maximalist person who always brings out the best in myself. I started the interior design profession by renovating small properties, and now my main specialty is the design and construction of luxury properties.
I work with the best in interior design.

If you are thinking about property renovation and you are interested, feel free to contact one of the contacts at the bottom of the website.

By clicking on BRINTERIOR's website, you can find out more about my services and view my reference works.


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Working together with professionals, we want to get the most out of your property, so that it is the way you dreamed it would be.

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+36 30 928 8445 ​

2045 Törökbálint Munkácsy Mihály utca 20.